During the 2012 Winter Equestrian Festival, Krysia Nelson taught a 10-week course titled "Equine Law 101 - Business Essentials For Horsemen."  

This course focused on the “business” of horses and introduced business law concepts relevant to those engaged in either professional or recreational equestrian activities.


Course description/summary:  An introductory, college level, business law course focusing on essential horse industry topics, such as contracts, sales, business organization, insurance, regulatory bodies, liability, employment and immigration law.  By focusing on case studies, as well as recent cases, the class will prepare its members to respond competently in a variety of business situations.

2012 Student Testimonials:

"Equine Law 101 was one of the most informative and enjoyable educational experiences I've ever had.  Not only does Krysia teach with enthusiasm and clarity but her expertise was a breath of fresh air in the world of Equine Law.  Her use of real-life examples made the subject matter not only simple to understand but gave the class a practical importance that I believe is invaluable to each and every equine enthusiast.  You are putting yourself at unnecessary risk by NOT taking this course! "
-Danielle Goldstein

"What stands out the most over the past few years since taking Krysia Nelson's first Equine Law 101 is the detail to the information learned and to the value from not only a contractual basis but for its supportive business solutions.  Krysia’s enthusiasm for rolling up her sleeves and digging in into real life examples and real world experience is overwhelming.  Her keen ability to listen to essential details and find the heart of the obstacle right in front of you is a quality she has in spades.  Krysia offers up-to-date solutions that have proven to be beneficial.  Her ability to read-in and gain a quick understanding have served her and her clients well.  Krysia is a wonderful person with a passion for the law, I could not recommend taking this class more highly.  Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed, Krysia brings real solutions to complicated issues.”

-William Simpson


 The 2016 course was sponsored by Education Place.  

Ms. Nelson is available by advance appointment to repeat the course or teach portions of the curriculum.


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