- Limited Liability Companies 

               - Releases

               - Leases

               - Boarding Contracts

               - Purchase and Sale Agreements

               - Training Agreements

               - Employment Agreements

               - Equestrian Facility Leases

                - Partnership Agreements

                - Breeding Contracts


Representing clients in defending against allegations of liability or misconduct in a variety of forums, including:

Administrative Litigation:        Defending competitive or membership privileges with equestrian sporting associations and governing bodies such as USEF, FEI, NSA, racing boards and breed registries, with a particular emphasis on "horse doping" cases and medications violations.

Civil Litigation:

- Contract, Sales and Insurance Coverage Disputes

- Professional Liability Defense

- Personal and Horse Injury

- Partnership and Ownership Disputes

- Protecting Creditors’ Rights, including collection services

Criminal Defense:    Defending Horsemen against allegations of criminal conduct, with a particular emphasis on charges stemming from animal-related activities and federal crimes.

Tax Litigation:  Representing Horsemen throughout the IRS Audit Process, including Interview/Examination, Appeals, and Tax Court


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Equine Law

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Assisting attorneys and businesses on matters related to equine law, including providing research support, case analysis, and contract drafting.


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