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Respecting the Rights Of the Disabled With Service Animals
Understanding the rights of the disabled to use their service animals Who would discriminate against a disabled person with a service animal? 

Service Animals 101 - Know Your Rights
A basic legal guide to understanding the rights of service animal handlers. What is a “service animal”? 

Warranties in Horse Sales - Separating Fact From Fiction
The Number 1 Biggest Myth in the horse industry: Every horse is sold “AS IS.” When a horse is sold “AS IS,” the principle “buyer beware” applies. This means the buyer is under a duty to educate himself....

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Here is a multitude of articles I have written on a variety of topics, including:

​-Assumption of Risk

-Co-ownership of Horses

-The importance of contracts

-Warranties in horse sales and the importance of a written sales contract

-The Florida Sales law

-deadbeat clients

​-Tax Tips

- USEF issues like the Mileage Rule, drug testing, etc

-veterinary malpractice

-why having a realtor will help you avoid scammers

Here is an article I wrote for attorneys on recent amendments to the SafeSport Code.  To read it, click here -->

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