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I have written the following articles for Phelpssports​                                      

Departure From Testing Protocol Is No Defense. 
Krysia Nelson :: November 14, 2016

Recent Case Decisions From The FEI 
Krysia Nelson :: September 8, 2016

Who Reigns Over This Den Of Thieves?
Krysia Nelson :: July 18, 2016

FEI Tribunal Upholds Sanctions Imposed On Officials Involved In Global Champions League
Krysia Nelson :: June 13, 2016

 Micro-chipping & Drug Testing: Thinking Ahead 
Krysia Nelson :: April 25, 2016

The Mileage Rule: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It
Krysia Nelson :: March 4, 2016

 “Fixing” USEF’s Drugs & Medications Program Enforcement – Not a cure, but a start
Krysia Nelson :: November 17, 2015

Federal Court Overturns Tom Brady Suspension, And Why We Should Care
Krysia Nelson :: September 11, 2015

 USEF Drug Testing and Red-Light Cameras
Krysia Nelson :: August 27, 2015

 Why you need a Realtor, and other tips so you don’t get scammed.
Krysia Nelson :: August 4, 2015

Krysia Nelson :: April 18, 2015

USEF Drug Testing: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole 
Krysia Nelson :: December 22, 2014

 Horse Trainer Sues After Being Trampled In Schooling Area
Krysia Nelson :: October 22, 2014

Eventers Off The Hook For Reserpine Positives 
Krysia Nelson :: August 22, 2014

 $9 Million In Losses Makes Cutting Horse Operation An Expensive “Hobby” 
Krysia Nelson :: April 25, 2014

 The “New” Florida Sales Law – Does Anyone Care?
Krysia Nelson :: February 18, 2014

 Owner Entitled To Reclaim Horse After Long-Term Lease
Krysia Nelson :: January 30, 2014

 To Sign Or Not To Sign? John Hancock’s Entry Dilemma
Krysia Nelson :: January 7, 2014

 Delayed Billing And “Unclean Hands”
Krysia Nelson :: December 6, 2013

 Drugs and Medications “Reform” – What’s Next?
Krysia Nelson :: October 11, 2013

 How Hard Is It To Sue A Vet For Malpractice? Pretty Darn Hard
Krysia Nelson :: July 18, 2013

 Better Safe Than Sorry – When To Self-Impose Quarantine 
Krysia Nelson :: May 22, 2013

 Court Awards Child Rider $15,000 for Broken Arm
Krysia Nelson :: April 9, 2013

 Stableman Liable For Selling Seemingly Abandoned Horses 
Krysia Nelson :: January 25, 2013

Owner's Letter of Apology Lands Lawsuit Back In Court
Krysia Nelson :: December 22, 2012

 Consulting Fee Not Owed Without Advance Agreement
Krysia Nelson :: November 8, 2012

 Hazards Of Trying To Collect An Unpaid Bill From A Bankrupt Client
Krysia Nelson :: September 11, 2012

 Loose Dogs, Leash Laws and Liability
Krysia Nelson :: July 5, 2012

Horse Industry Wage Practices: Just Because Everybody’s Doing It, Doesn’t Make It Legal 
Krysia Nelson :: May 31, 2012

I also write a column for Warmbloods Today Magazine                         These articles are archived.  To read them online, cliick here -->

​  Beginning with the March/April 2012 issue, I cover a different topic in every issue:

March/April 2012- #1 - Looking a "gift horse" in the mouth

Loose/escaped horse liability

Breach of warranty in lease

Horse trainer runs into problems "co-owning" horse with clients

Horse Transport nightmare: "dead" on arrival

 "Coach" and Owner both liable for USEF doping violation

 Taking a horse "on the cuff"

Even a pro can buy a lame horse

 Was it a loan or was it a gift?

 The disclosure dilemma -- how much should an amateur disclose when selling a horse?

 Is the barn just "unlicensed day care"?

 what can happen if you forget to include your horse in your will

 Injured employees and "Whistleblowers"

 Can you get sued for things you say on social media?

 when your ex sells your horse

Equine Activity Liability Acts and the myth of "zero liability"

 more on amateurs selling horses

 business or hobby?  Tax is the question

 the paddock injury

No good deed goes unpunished -- finding a horse for the hard-to-suit rider

 Scam spotting quiz

 Tax Time tips

 Estate planning for your horse

 working students

 A landlord's liability for a tenant's livestock escape

"Barn Exam" and "You Be The Judge" present answers to a multitude of legal questions in a multiple-choice answer test format


I have written several legal guides for Avvo           To read them, click here -->

Respecting the Rights Of the Disabled With Service Animals
Understanding the rights of the disabled to use their service animals Who would discriminate against a disabled person with a service animal? 

Service Animals 101 - Know Your Rights
A basic legal guide to understanding the rights of service animal handlers. What is a “service animal”? 

Warranties in Horse Sales - Separating Fact From Fiction
The Number 1 Biggest Myth in the horse industry: Every horse is sold “AS IS.” When a horse is sold “AS IS,” the principle “buyer beware” applies. This means the buyer is under a duty to educate himself....

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